kye or vae % transmasculine he/him .. unlabeled/questioning .. arab & muslim .. cancer + istp

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before u interact ++ i make gif sets and layouts ONLY do not ask for moodboards or anything else ! i dont make kpop gifsets since there are a lot of other accounts that do so please dont request if thats what u want. i know the basics of coding so i can also help with that ive worked with css and html but mostly css !

notes ++ I AM A MINOR. do not request anything that is not safe for work or against tumblr guidelines. do not interact if u are looking for drama u will be blocked. im not always active and will sometimes close my requests.


notes!2.0 ++ 18+ can interact but please dont be weird. u can request help with coding/carrd/neocities and i'll make sure to give u an answer as soon as possible ! i also make carrds (hire me here). PLEASE do not steal my gifs or crop out my watermark i try to keep it really small so its not noticeable but please do not steal them as i am a small blog.
u can message me on discord which is linked below